Bye again, Hamburg


I have been in Hamburg enough times, and stayed here at Olaf’s enough times, and long enough, to feel loser to it than most other places. If not exactly home, it is a kind of home away from home, and I always enjoy hanging with Olaf and getting reacquainted with the people I know here (and meeting new ones). This particular trip I have stayed longer than any other visit, and so it is a little sad to say goodbye. That said, I have an exciting few weeks ahead of me. I will leave today for Paris to meet my brother and sister in law, and on Thursday we will take a rental car south towards Nimes for the night, then to Nice the next day. From there we will take a train to Genova (Italy), spend the night there, and pick a car the next day to head to Florence. In a villa just south of Florence, we will be staying a week with much of the rest of the family (My mother, father, sister, brother in law, niece, and nephew). And like us, they are converging from all over Europe on trips of their own this summer. After that, I will ¬†go to Florence and Modena to stay with my friend Jonathan for a few days, then fly to London to stay 11 days with my friend Arnaud before heading back to NYC finally on the 8th of August. Whew.


  1. Fauzi says:

    Tht sounds amazing – looking fwd to read ur blogs & see beautiful pictures :) safe trip !