a lovely little birthday


I was a little low energy from the weekend yesterday, and not really expecting much from my birthday this year. Olaf was still in Berlin and I had plenty of work to do anyway, so I headed down to the office and spent a fairly productive few hours on various client work. Then Nico came down to wish me a happy birthday and tell me he was taking me out for lunch. The weather was amazing outside (finally) and so we got on the bikes and he took me to a nice alternative neighborhood in Hamburg that I hadn’t seen before. We then decided to do a little bike tour of Hamburg, and we headed down to some areas I had seen before (Hafen City) and some that were new to me (Altona). All in all we must have biked about 20km, and all over the city in some beautiful weather, stopping here and there for the view or a beer. We got home at around 7, just in time to meet up with Olaf and Werner to go out for a birthday dinner in the neighborhood. And then I came home to over a hundred birthday emails. Sweet.