Weekend in Berlin


This past weekend I went with Olaf and Nico to Berlin. They have recently rented an apartment there in the Schöenberg district, which I found to be really lovely and easy to walk around in. Most of the previous times I have been to Berlin, it has seemed somewhat inhumanly scaled and not very friendly. But for whatever reason this past weekend was quite different, and I had a nice time exploring the neighborhood. It also so happened this was the weekend of a well known street fair in the area, which was good fun despite the frequent rain. And each night we went out to a party or bar with friends and had a nice time with the locals. I also couldn’t get over how inexpensive housing is in Berlin, a decent size flat can be had for three or four hundred dollars, if you can believe that. Of course, the flip side is that the economy of Berlin is not great, with very high unemployment at the moment. Still, it is a city that seems to know how to party and forget its troubles.