Ålesund, I know this world is killing you.


This is kind of a sleepy little place. And Josh and I can’t stop playing all the versions of this song in our room. Last night we went to the fancy restaurant in town, where Josh had reindeer steak and I had the cod (which this part of the world became famous for). It was all quite good, but probably not worth $140.  Our server at the restaurant asked us at the end of our dinner why on earth we would come to a place like Ålesund, and we explained that we had wanted to take a different route back from Bergen. She looked at us with a mixture of pity and disbelief before wishing us well. It was raining today (from what we can gather, not at all a surprising event here) and so we borrowed rather nice umbrellas from the hotel and set off to walk around town. Apparently, the city is also known for it’s collection of Art Nouveau architecture, the result of the entire town burning to the ground and being rebuilt around 1904.

From Ålesund