Oslo to Bergen marathon


Well, we made it Bergen, and what a trip it was. The pictures tell the story better than words can (see below), but here are a few notes about the journey:

1. Jeez there are a lot of tourists around.

2. On one part of the Flam Railway ride, they stop at a waterfall so everyone can get out and see it, then dramatic music from some large outdoor sound system starts booming and a circuit party dance troupe starts performing their interpretive movements to it, coming into view and disappearing again from the cliff-tops. The only thing missing was a hit of E.

3. It was raining a bit and cloudy and cold, but this didn’t really bother me as it gave the fjords in particular a beautiful, mystical quality.

4. At one point we thought we might miss the bus on a part of our trip, as we were the only ones at a particular bus stop after a many people got off the boat. Josh was getting very nervous about it, but we ended up catching it.

5. There are a crazy amount of very long tunnels in Norway.


  1. mom says:

    GREAT photos. Reminded me a lot of Alaska.