Scandinavia, sweating, and socks


Josh and I boarded an early morning intercity train from Stockholm to Oslo, arriving here some 6 hours later. The train had some climate control issues, and we were pretty sweaty by the time we arrived. Add to that that it was raining when we got here and had to make our way to our slightly hidden hotel. Once checked in, we realized we had no choice but to do laundry today, so made our way here to Cafe Laundromat, as it had been recommended to us by a couple of people. There was no price listing on their website, but since we really had no choice at this point, we came anyway. We felt like aliens arriving here, because it is really more of a bar that happens to have a few washing machines, which was lucky for us, because all of them (4) were free. We shoved our combined laundry into 2 loads for the not (at this point) unreasonable cost of  about 14 dollars. But the 2 beers we had to buy to get change for the machines cost 25 dollars together, making them the most expensive beers of my life. They are tasty though.

UPDATE: I was wrong about the cost of laundry, apparently the dryer costs more the more heat you need. So ultimately, laundry will end up being around $35 in addition to the beer.

UPDATE 2: Europeans always seem to have trouble with technology that Americans take for granted, like mixing hot and cold water properly for a shower or drying clothes. They tend to hang dry, which is great when one has the time, but when one doesn’t it would be nice if they had a dryer that could get the job done in 30-45 minutes like we do. We are up to 2 full hours of drying at a total laundry cost of $48. Ugh.