If you should need to do laundry in Stockholm…


…dont. Just bring enough so that you don’t have to. This city is in no way set up for you to do your laundry American style, in a laundromat or self-service type operation. There is ONE place in all of Stockholm that allows this, and seeing from their website that they were not terribly far away from our hotel, Josh and I set out to do our laundry there. Alas, in contradiction to their very own website, they were closed until Monday (for the holiday and weekend). Next, after trucking back with our bags of dirty laundry to the hotel, we asked them where we might do our laundry (by the pound not the piece, and wash/fold not dry clean) and we were directed to a place down the road to a crazy old man who spoke no English, but managed to get across the point to us that it would cost over 5 dollars a pound. We selected a few choice items we had to clean, and then he informed us (by pointing to a day on a calendar) that we could have it back next Tuesday, after we had already left Stockholm. We left, and increasingly frustrated, went to a larger place close-by helpfully pointed out by a local on the street. There was one price for a small bag of laundry (about $66) , but we were getting desperate and agreed to it. Unfortunately, she actually started laughing out loud when we mentioned that we needed it by next Monday. Josh and I have decided to move to Sweden and open a laundromat and quick cleaners, as there is clearly a huge need here. I ended up doing a few pairs of underwear and a couple of T-shirts in the tiny hotel sink.