Only a few hours, and I already love Stockholm


Josh and I have been walking around this most beautiful city, loving every minute of it. It doesn’t hurt that the weather is perfect, but this is easily the most beautiful city we have seen so far in┬áScandinavia, and probably up there with the great cities of the world (as much as I can tell with our brief experience so far). It reminds me of Paris a bit, and Prague, and yet is very much its own thing as well. It has a very easy feel to it, and we have been snapping pictures like mad. It is the kind of city that really makes one want to live here for a while. On the downside, it is PRICEY. We had essentially a snack for lunch that cost $48. Later we luckily stumbled on a street fair with relatively inexpensive food and had some ugly looking but delicious thing that was basically sour pickled herring on a wasa cracker. I am glad we have 5 more days here, because this place is amazing already. Check out my rapid first shots, there will be more…