Notes on Copenhagen


As we bid goodbye to Copenhagen (and head to Gothenburg in Sweden), here are a few notes on things we noticed:

No entry to any church: Just about every church we came across was closed. In most cities, you can enter the nice churches, but not so in Copenhagen it seems.

Rose windows – There seems to have a been a hugely successful church window salesman who passed through town not too long ago, because every single window we saw in any church was the exact same, a kind of small metal frame with a metal rose at certain intersections.

Carlsberg – Denmark’s most famous beer (hell, most famous export I think) seems to own this town. Their logo is on practically everything.

No umbrellas – Although it was raining a lot during our time here, sometimes quite heavily, there were very few people carrying umbrellas, and all of them seemed to be tourists like ourselves. What is it about Danes that make them so accepting and steadfast in the face of cold rain?

Fruit basket children – Everywhere we went, there were parents carting around their children in a kind of large produce box attached to the front of their bikes. Sometimes these would be hermetically sealed with some plastic cover, I guess to prevent the children from spoiling.

Friendly people – Everywhere we went, people were exceedingly helpful and friendly.

Dark bread – The dark bread is everywhere and delicious.

Food quality – I am not sure why, but I guess I expected the food to be of rather low quality, but this was not the case at all. Even when we were purchasing simple (yet expensive, like everything here) sandwiches, they were really very delicious and fresh.


  1. Gabe says:

    Glad you liked it. I think it’s cute for 48 hours…then. :) Actually, even though it’s way sleepier, Malmo is actually more fun than CPH (not nightlife). :)

    The food thing shouldn’t be surprising. After all, CPH now has the world’s highest rated restaurant (El Bulli, she closing) and Danish food is in the spotlight, like Spanish was 8-10 years ago. All eyes on Scandinavia! :)