Gothenburg is…interesting…


Although I am unable to pinpoint the source (and thus unable at this point to assign blame) I do remember reading and hearing that Gothenburg (Sweden’s 2nd largest city) was a lovely and interesting place to visit. And it is interesting, in the same way that, say, Columbus, Ohio is interesting. It so far seems a rather amazingly bland place. Here are some of the things we have noticed so far:

– There seem to be very few crosswalk signs. Everyone just stops for you when you cross the street, whether they are a car or motorbike or one of the huge number of trams oro buses that swarm the city.

– There are gay flags everywhere. There is apparently a big gay festival happening this coming weekend, despite the fact that there are seemingly very few gays that actually live here. (We will try to check out a bar tonight to verify this, slow-monday-nights-everywhere-the-world-over notwithstanding.)

– The architecture is amazingly bland throughout the city. Nothing is especially offensive, but neither is anything especially beautiful.

– At many points during the day, the city felt like some sort of stage set, or ghost town, with spotless streets completely void of trees, vehicles of any kind, or any human or animal life whatsoever. (check out some of the pics below to see what I mean)

– Our hotel is actually really lovely, despite overlooking nothing but the railroad tracks and being at the edge of the city.

– There are more hair salons per capita than any other place in the world.