Shonda museum


Among the many things Josh and I saw in Copenhagen today was the Danish Jewish Museum. The logo and concept of the museum contains the word “mitzvah” (in hebrew) which means “good deed”, which by the end of our tour I was convinced was entirely ironic. The architect for the museum was Daniel Libeskind, who seems to have made a career out of being the architect of Jewish monuments, memorials, and misery. Libeskind likes to claim that his work is meant to challenge the viewer. Although the interior is beautiful to look at, the collection was small and badly organized, the displays set at odd angles that one had to stoop to see, and the typeface on the exhibits excruciatingly small. If the point was to reproduce in the viewer some of the misery of being Jewish in Denmark, then bravo, mission accomplished. The museum cost about 10 dollars to get into for its rather insignificant collection. I was especially taken aback being informed upon entry that the architect “retains copyright” on all images related to the museum, and therefore pictures were prohibited. Mitzvah, my ass, Mr. Libeskind. I took a couple on the sly anyway, so there:

My advice, should you visit Copenhagen, is to give this shonda museum a miss.