Jailhouse rocks


Josh and I had an amazing dinner experience this evening here in Copenhagen. I was looking on the web at gay life in the city, and there was a listing for a bar called Jailhouse that also had a restaurant attached to the upstairs. And this restaurant had pretty good reviews, so I thought it might be kind of funny to have dinner in a restaurant attached to a gay bar, and besides, it was a fairly short walk (in the rain) from our hotel. The previous notes I had read said that it was Danish/Swedish cuisine with a prix fixe menu, but when we got there we quickly noticed something rather odd about the menu: it was all soup. I am not kidding. The starter courses, main courses and desserts were all soup. When we asked about it, we were told that this was their new concept since last month, an all-soup menu. At first I have to admit to not being too thrilled by the idea, but then thought what the hell, and in any event the rain outside and our natural laziness worked to convince us to stay and try it. I am thrilled that we did, absolutely everything we had was truly fantastic. Josh and I both began with the fennel and brie soup, pared with a wonderful white wine offered by our charming waiter. Next, I had a Danish lamb stew that was as good as anything like it I have ever had, and Josh had a mussel stew that he absolutely loved as well. Finally, we had a strawberry soup for dessert, dressed up with vanilla ice cream, Pernod, mint, and white pepper. It was incredible. We were not expecting anything like this, and it was a truly amazing meal. I was a little worried for the place as they didn’t seem to be all that busy, but they certainly should be with this kind of quality and service. If you are ever in Copenhagen, I highly recommend it. It was a unique and delicious experience that we won’t soon forget.