Chilly Copenhagen


We finally made it to Copenhagen, where it is apparently still winter. It was very easy to get in from the airport on the train and make it to our hotel. We slept pretty well and got up, bundled up, and headed out to see the city, which is quite lovely. It reminds me a lot of Amsterdam, except that the scale is much bigger, and it seems a lot newer, and somewhat more dull, and well, it isn’t really like Amsterdam come to think of it, except for a canal here or there, and something ineffable. The people have been very friendly everywhere we have been, and it seems as if the beer has a much higher alcohol content. I feel almost certain I have seen Robyn about 30 times. This must be an exceptionally safe city as well, because everywhere we have been, people seem to leave their bikes about without locking them. Click on the image below to go to the whole album of today’s pics.


  1. Angela Carr says:

    It is such a clean city! Lovely…and soup, too!