Catskills mini trip


I have friends in town from Europe, and a couple of days ago we took a short trip up towards Woodstock and the Catskills. I had never been to this part of New York State (or very much outside NYC to be honest), so it was nice to have the opportunity to explore a bit. I had heard amazing things about Woodstock the town (not to be confused with Woodstock the music festival which was many miles away), but I have to admit it didn’t seem like much other than a sad, overpriced tourist trap for aging hippies. The surrounding towns were much more interesting, especially Kingston, the first capital of New York. And even better, the surrounding landscape was breathtakingly beautiful. Just outside of Woodstock is a wonderful trail to a lookout point with ruins of a fancy hotel and a fantastic view of the surrounding area.  I uploaded a bunch of photos of the trip, so if you want to see them click below to go to the full album.