The glass is half full


My mother was on her way back from Boston (where she was attending a conference) to her home in Indiana. She was sitting in the Boston airport when they were notified the plane had mechanical troubles and would be delayed, and finally cancelled. In the past, airlines would have had enough extra capacity or even extra planes to easily deal with a situation like this, but these days they are squeezing every dollar and overbooking routinely.  Unfortunately for my mother there were no other ways to get back to Indianapolis until the following day, and they would need to route her through Newark airport. But that gave us an opportunity for an unexpected yet lovely visit. When she first called me from Boston she sounded upset about the messed up re-routing, but quickly realized that the opportunity she had wanted to have to come see me during this short trip was in fact provided, if not exactly planned. We had a great talk and dinner yesterday at my favorite neighborhood restaurant. We will grab breakfast this morning and then I will bid farewell as she heads to the airport around 10am.


  1. mom says:

    You were a wonderful host, as always! Love you.