Maybe this makes sense in Portuguese


I don’t know about you, but if:

  • I was going on a long trip away from home, and
  • I called a friend at my destination to ask for a place to stay, and
  • he said yes, and
  • I told him the dates of my arrival, and
  • I then, for whatever reason, changed my mind about staying with him,

I would probably call him to let him know, wouldn’t you? I had a few email exchanges with a¬†Brazilian¬†friend who was coming to New York for a visit this past weekend, apparently staying until Wednesday (tomorrow). He asked me for a place to stay, and I told him that I was out of town until Sunday, but he was welcome to stay with me after that. So we agreed that he and his friend would stay Monday and Tuesday night. He sent me a message last week letting me know he was flying out Friday night and would be contacting me Monday. I spent some time yesterday cleaning up the apartment and getting it ready for guests, and waited to hear from him. And waited. By six in the evening, I decided to send him an email. No response, and by midnight I just went to bed. I still haven’t heard from him. Some cultures are just a lot looser about these things than ours, I suppose.


  1. Gabe says:

    Brazilian Standard Time

  2. Boris says:

    Maybe your friend is just a douche.

  3. mom says:

    I’m with Boris. Inexcusable.