Even beans do it


After a mostly unproductive last week, I got my mojo back yesterday and was wicked productive today. And that’s very good, because I am leaving this afternoon for Boston, to help celebrate my friend Ruthbea’s 40th birthday. I am sharing a ride with some other NYFORs (New York Friends of Ruthbea), and we are driving to Boston at about 4, probably to arrive around 8 or 9. I adore Ruthbea, and am really looking forward to seeing her (and her family), even if she does live in Boston. I know lots of people think that Boston is great, but it is truly one of my least favorite cities anywhere. Perhaps this has a lot to do with how over-rated it is, especially in the eyes of its own citizens. I mean, if it had more of a humble attitude about itself, like many cities in the midwest, one could be genuinely surprised by its charming old buildings and such. If I was expecting, say Dayton OH, but the city was as interesting as Boston — I would think “hey, what a wonderful hidden gem of a place”. But unfortunately, Boston likes to compare itself to world class cities, a group of which it is certainly not a member. In the 5 plus times I have visited, I have never discovered anything that made me remotely want to live there.  That said, I would much rather be in Boston than Gwalior or Cincinnati. These things are relative, you know.


  1. mom says:

    I really like Boston,but as a professor of mine used to say, ostensibly quoting an old Indian,if everyone liked the same things, then everyone would want my squaw. (I didn’t say my professor was either culturally sensitive OR as funny as he thought he was….)