Oh Sandy baby


Dear Sandra Suess,

You don’t know me, but we share a first initial and last name. And apparently you have recently become active on the intertubes filling out all kinds of forms where they ask for your email address, and you just thought you would make up one that sounded real using your first initial and last name followed by a popular email provider domain. The problem is, Sandra, that this is a real email address. It is mine, and I am getting all your junk mail now in my formerly mostly-free-of-spam email inbox. Apparently, you like to peruse People.com and solicit information from websites offering to help you collect disability benefits, among other things. And really, who am I to judge you for that? Still, while I understand how yucky it is to have to give up all that personal info, and I myself have made up email addresses in the past, I implore you to use ones that are less likely to belong to someone else. If you really want to appear authentic, why not try an unlikely but still recognizable combo? Something like “sandrasuessreadstrashypoprags@domain.com” or similar would be just fine with me.

Thanks for understanding,

Stephen Suess