New York to a child


My brother David and nephew Max are here visiting me for the weekend. Max is almost 9 years old and I remember how cool it was for me as a kid when my parents took me to New York. I want to impart to him some of that early excitement and wonder I had about the city. Coming from Indianapolis, I remember being amazed at how huge New York was, and how bustling. In a very real way, those couple of early trips here filled me with a sense of possibility, and changed the ultimate course of my life. I think that was when my love of travel and learning about new cultures was first set alight, and that curiosity follows me strongly to this day. I hope for Max to have that same awe about the world and its many cultures. This past year has also been great for me to mix with my family in ways other than merely as a giant group at Thanksgiving. As separate members or groupings visit me, we get to spend a little more quality time together, getting to know each other anew, which is important I think. As the years go by and we take different paths, we become different people. The ones we knew so well so many years ago are not the ones they are today. Reconnecting with family (and friends) this way is really a treat.


  1. Mom says:

    I want pictures!

  2. b says:

    very much agreed :)