Pension Stephen


Victoria, my latest guest, related horror stories emanating from Terminal 4 at JFK, where she spent the last two days waiting in vain on a flight out. Apparently there are thousands of people at JFK, all waiting waiting waiting. And the other night, even the McDonald’s ran out of food with a huge line and there was almost a riot, with people screaming and angry. She said she was lucky to find a small dirty corner of carpet to sleep on the first night, but it was still very cold on the floor. So she is staying at Pension Stephen currently until she can get a flight out, which may not be until the 1st of January. (Virgin, her airline, told her that was the soonest possible.) But I figure it is all an adventure and a chance to make new friends (and practice my Spanish of course). And I really feel bad for my guests, their holidays plans to see their friends and families got all screwed up. They must be really bummed.


  1. David says:

    These fortunate souls have found a gracious host… but make sure they have found other accommodations by Jan. 14. ;-)