How to say blizzard in Italian


The blizzard hit New York pretty hard last night, causing a bit of chaos everywhere. All New york airports closed down and over a thousand flights were canceled. I got a call yesterday evening from my friend Jonathan (who is enjoying xmas with his family in Virginia at the moment) telling me that acquaintances of his, an Italian couple, were stranded at JFK en route to Miami from Milano. He said they had nowhere to go, and asked if they could stay with me. I of course agreed, and now have two lovely house-guests, Cinzia and Carla staying with me for a couple of days. As they really expected to be in Miami, they don’t have a lot of winter clothing with them, so we will go out looking for boots and breakfast in a bit. It is fortunate that I don’t have a lot of work at the moment so I can show them a bit of snowy New York before they take off. 


  1. marites says:

    I was just explaining the “glass half full” concept to teah last night, and you and your generosity have exemplified it for Jonathan’s friends. That is a lot of snow! Makes me wish for a snow day…love and cinnamon hot

  2. Jonathan says:

    It’s events like these that make us realize how small the world is. Thank you for opening your home to them! I hope Cinzia’s acid sense of humor translates into English!