Pic of the day: Eclipse


Last night was a lunar eclipse, one that happened to fall on the solstice. The last time such an event occurred was 1638 and the next time will be 2094. That pretty much put it into the once in a lifetime category. And never having seen a lunar eclipse, I decided to stay up late to watch it. Although several friends expressed interest during the day in watching it with me, as the hour became late, they began dropping like flies. Only one of my friends was geeky and sweet enough to join me in this endeavor, my friend Ric. He came over at about 2am, and we watched and took photos through the deepest part and out to a sliver as the eclipse was ending near 4am. I am kinda beat today but it was definitely worth it. And though our pictures are no great shakes, such an event really does make you marvel a bit about the physics of our universe.