End of the (work) week.


Well, for most people. And for me I suppose, although being a freelancer one tends not to think of the week or the “work” week in the same way. Still, one can’t help but be affected by the customs of the culture in which one lives. TGIF then, I am glad we are at the end of what has seemed like a long week.

I have a great deal of patience in some matters, and very little in others. I can slowly troubleshoot almost any matter of technical problem with almost inhuman focus and dedication, methodically ruling out the non essential until a solution presents itself. On the subject of my own health however, I want to be better yesterday. And so it is with my shoulder recovery. It is getting better, but some days it hurts more than others and I still have yet to cross that all important threshold where the pain I have is less than it was before the operation.

In other news, more work projects are trickling in (yay) and I have a friend in town (again), this time from Paris. I will be meetingn her for a late dinner tonight at a new restaurant in the village that is supposedly all the rage. I usually tend to stay away from places that are still in the throes of their New York Magazine/Zagat/Bon Appetit good new review rush/crush, but my friend had heard of it and asked me to book, so book I did. And because it is so popular at the moment, the best I could swing two weeks out was a 9:30 pm table. So I am snacking a little now so as to avoid having to chew off my own fist later.