The bear enters the den


Felt the first ice mixed with rain today. I believe we call it sleet. Today was also the first day it felt cold enough in my apartment to turn on the heat. No escaping it now, winter is upon us. And it seems kind of appropriate to my current state of mind and body in fact, as I feel a bit in hibernation mode while I am recuperating and retraining my arm and shoulder to function. This whole event has made me feel somewhat cutoff from the world, as if I can’t be a full participant in life until I am without pain. Of course I make an effort anyway and enjoy seeing people, but it still feels like things are on hold or only tentative. Outside of that is the unenviable task of drumming up new work, which I should probably be more worried about, but I’m not (at least not yet). As I have noted many times before, the life of a freelancer is feast or famine with work falling on you like a ton of bricks or not at all. And comparing this life to working a steady job in an office, I have no complaints. Freelance, for all its uncertainty has a lot to recommend it. And while I may one day consider wage slavery again, that time is nowhere near yet. I have a few projects to keep me busy, and you never know when the next one will fall in your lap.