The boob came out


I really need to get back into a more regular blogging schedule. Since the operation I haven’t been much in the mood, but I hope to rectify that. This past week I have had the dual pleasure of two houseguest visits, first from my longtime friend Jonathan, and second from my Sister and Brother-in-law. Jonathan I hadn’t seen in about 6 years, and it was really great to get caught up. Some people you can go years without seeing and still have that easy connection to, and Johnny is one of them. He was also friends with my friend Andrew who died early last summer, and had a similar sense of loss about it to me. Which is to say we both felt the same about that time in our lives, how formative it was on our adult thinking, and how dear the people we knew from that time are to us. For one of them to check out suddenly was quite a sad shock. Jonathan and I resolved to not wait another six years until our next visit, so perhaps I will try to see him in Geneva soon (he works for the UN), or perhaps he will have more work in NYC. If Andrew’s death taught us anything, it is to not count on people always being there, and to see them sooner rather than later.

And over the last two days my sister Kelly and brother-in-law Robert have been here on a quick visit from Indianapolis. We have been having a nice time catching up as well and walking all around the city. I never tire of showing off New York, and there is always so much to see. I have been fairly walking their feet off and taking them to all manner of restaurant. Last night we went to a favorite place of mine, the Belgian restaurant Markt down in Chelsea. At the table next to us was a fairly drunk young couple, he dressed a bit like a gangster circa 1930 (think Micky Rooney and about as tall) and she dressed somewhat like a floozy from the same era, except with a skirt the size of a beer cozy. They started off yelling at each other, then there were some tears, then he had shifted to the bench beside her to console her and then they really started making out. I mean really. I thought perhaps we were on Candid Camera and was thinking about shouting out for them to get a room, as this was distracting me from my chocolate mousse. And it is a good thing the guy’s back was to us, because after they left the waiter told Robert that we had missed the best part, when the boob came out. Classy.


  1. Fauzi says:

    Ahhh Markt was one of my favorite restaurant too back when I was living in NYC -the molten chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream was the best …