Whoa nelly


I went to get the stitches out today and was feeling pretty good about my recovery progress since the operation. I brought my sling but didn’t wear it in and got scolded about it. Even though I had called and asked several times about what I should and shouldn’t do, they weren’t very clear with me until today. So I really have to wear this damn thing all day, every day and while sleeping for the next 3 weeks. I may feel a lot better but they told me we don’t want to risk an injury at this delicate stage and need to wait till the internals have healed. They also showed me a fascinating picture taken inside my shoulder while they were performing the operation to let me know just how screwed up my labrum was, very much detached from my bicep. Then they showed me  a photo of the frankenstein-like repair job, a support drilled into my bone and the wires that reconnected it and tightened it between the bicep and shoulder. It was kinda gross but kinda cool too. Long story short, it needs more time to heal and I better get used to wearing this thing and taking it easy for a few more weeks. At least I can begin physical therapy this week (responding to my emotional need for progress of some sort), and so I will try to choose a PT tomorrow.