Dark valley of the dolls


So my shoulder operation is this coming Friday. I have been trying to gather as much info as possible, and coordinate what I will need in the days following the procedure, when I will mostly likely be pretty immobile, somewhat drugged up, and uncomfortable. I have been looking into my sleeping arrangements (as in, how WILL I fall asleep that way), clothing options (no putting my right arm through a shirt for some time, how to put on other clothes with one hand), working arrangements (I should be able to type, but it won’t be a picnic), bathing (no showers for FOUR days after the surgery / sponge bath, anyone?), etc. I have also been trying to line up friends to stop by and help me out, get me things and generally babysit me in the days following. As anyone who knows me can attest, I am not a great sick or recovering person. I just want to complain and have people sit around me and exclaim “poor baby!”, and possibly bring me things. In short, I am a pill when I don’t feel well. I have been trying to warn the various friends who will stop by to look in on me and apologize for this behavior in advance. So if this sounds like a swinging good time to any of my friends out there, please don’t hesitate to sign up for the fun, there are still many slots available!