Like some 40 year old virgin


Yesterday I went by my doctor’s office for a medical clearance exam in advance of my shoulder operation next week. And among all the other poking and prodding, they had to do an EKG. I guess this is to insure than my heart won’t stop when I am under general anestesia or something. Anyway, the nurse comes in, takes one look at my very hairy chest and says “This won’t do”. She then scurries off and comes back with a razor and shaves several unattractive shapes into my chest, clearing away the forrest so that they can attach superglue and jumper cables to the smooth parts. After that they pulled off the anodes with a fair amount of extra hair and left a lot of glue, causing my shirt to gather rather unappetizingly at those places. After getting home and rinsing off as well as I could I stood and looked at myself in the mirror with slight horror, as I resembled nothing so much as this. Not only that, it itches terribly. The question is, should I try to even it out or leave it alone?


  1. Kelly says:

    Remember the Seinfeld episode when he “tried to even it out, and then….gone”??? Leave it alone!