Notes on Barcelona


– The food here is far and away better than any other place in Spain. No matter where we happen to stop into for a bite, it is always great. While there is great food in other parts of Spain, you need to do your research. Not so Barcelona, almost every place is a gem.

– There is a fairly large hippie vibe here, as we have seen several people walking around barefoot (who does that?!), as well as a large number of embarrassing white people/dreadlock combos.

– There are a lot of tourists in Barcelona, as you would imagine for such a fascinating city. We have been wondering to what degree they interfere with the day to day life of the city and if it would get annoying to live here with their presence.

– These people know chocolate.

– Although slightly better quality than the rest of Spain, they still have a problem with the concept of a napkin. Mostly all that is available is a small piece of wax paper, and given the copious amounts of olive oil in just about everything, this is obviously a problem.