We have only been in Barcelona a little more than a day, but we already love it. So many things are so much easier here than anywhere else in Spain, and this seems to be Spain’s most cosmopolitain city, quite a bit more so than even its capital, Madrid. Unlike the hit or miss food in other parts of Spain, in Barcelona any old place we happen onto seems to have great food. The city is quite lively, people are out everywhere, and the nightlife is better than anywhere we have been except Madrid. I lived in Barcelona briefly about 21 years ago, and it has been a lot of fun half recognizing some things and seeing how so many others have changed so much. Barcelona seems a much more developed place than back then, yet still retains a lot of its charms. I absolutely love wandering the dense streets of the Barrio Gotico where our hotel is situated. As I said previously, we are just wandering wherever, not trying in any particular way to “do” Barcelona as the other cities, yet since we will have so much more time here, it can reveal itself to us more naturally and at a better pace. I will be posting pics over the next few days, here are a few of the first…