Cordoba II


Today Josh and I spent a second leisurely day wandering the timeless streets of Cordoba. We visited what remains of a 14th century synagogue, toured the local Alcazar, visited the archeological museum, and ended the day with a couple of relaxing hours at the local hammam. Tomorrow we will head off to Granada and the Alhambra, followed by some random hotel on the side of the road tomorrow night.  Btw, among the many things we saw today was the sign below in front of the Alcazar. Read it closely, there is a line there that absolutely cracks me up. It says the building was used for important things like planning “the discovery of America”. Click on the pic or link below to see the entire album of day two in Cordoba.


  1. Michael T says:

    I knew the discovery of America was planned!!!

  2. Great pictures. When we were in Cordoba, the synagogue was closed, and we weren’t able to see the interior. You and Josh both look good!