Stephen hits the road, before it hits back.


For some months, I have been planning a long trip to Spain with my cousin Josh. And as you might remember, I have had this ongoing shoulder problem as well, which nothing has seemed able to ameliorate. In fact, it has really taken a turn for the worse recently, and I was worried that I would have to cancel the trip. I finally got in to see (yet another) specialist yesterday (much nicer than the last one btw), and finally accepted that I will indeed need surgery. The recovery for this type of thing is awful. It involves several weeks wearing a sling, sleeping on your back in a particular position (something I am not at all good at), lots of pain, and 6-8 months (yes, MONTHS) of physical therapy until one is back to “normal”. And oh yeah, thousands of dollars b/c my health care plan covers so little. I told the doctor of my desire to go on my trip and he said it wouldn’t hurt anything to go and then do the surgery upon my return. And since I will be basically immobile for months after this, I want to make the experience a last hurrah of sorts before entering the convent. I say “entering the convent” b/c let’s face it, it will probably be the equivalent of taking a vow of chastity for several months. (Not that the last few, with all my aches and pains, has been any great shakes, but still.) I asked the doc for a cortisone shot for my shoulder and he said it wasn’t a good idea, and that he would prescribe me some pain meds. I hope that will be enough, because it has been pretty damned uncomfortable recently. On the plus side of all of this, I am happy to be returning to Spain after so many years away. 1996 was the last time I was there, I think.


  1. Mark says:

    Oh, you’ll live. Ain’t it grand getting old(er)!