Someone is playing a very, very mean joke on me.


Just as I had begun to come to terms with my impending surgery, and getting happy with my upcoming trip, THIS happens. It started innocently enough, I went downstairs to check for today’s mail. I opened the mailbox, and started leafing through the contents. Oh good, there is that check from a client, I thought….and there is the umpteenth credit card offer I don’t need…and there is my latest netflix disc…and…what’s this?? Something sent to me from Amazon in a white plastic envelope about the size of a DVD. I shook it, and sure enough it sounded like a DVD. But…I didn’t order anything, not that I could¬†remember¬†anyway. I went ahead and opened it, and to my absolute HORROR, I discover this:

Now, I don’t know what kind of sick motherf#$&%@ out there want to harass me in this way, but I will not be cowed! Show yourself, you…you…MONSTER!


  1. Boris says:

    Oh come on honey you can tell everyone you love some MC… You told me and I’m still your friend, aren’t I? :)

  2. Stephen says:

    you ordered this…you… ASSASSIN!!!

  3. Boris says:

    ok… FINE. I confess. I have a sick, twisted obsession… I idolize voluptuous women with big hair and bigger voices. I know it’s sick and I tried to stop… you know, just lead a normal life, maybe watch footieball or whatever it’s called, but I… just…. can’t… stop… ohh the sequins…. WHYYYYYYY *sobs*