Random thoughts on a random Thursday.


– I have a lot of current clients each with their crazy deadlines, all of them crashing into each other. This makes me edgy in a way I wish it didn’t. It is a feeling of pressure I haven’t felt in a long time, and even though I know I am responsible for feeling it, it pervades my consciousness these days.

– New music is great.

– I just saw the movie Salt. It amazes me that Angelina Jolie is so mesmerizing to watch that she can make me enjoy an empty-headed piece of action crap like this.

– August is filled to the brim with visitors and arrivals.

– I took a lovely walk home tonight (while listening to music about loves lost and found) in the warm summer breeze and thought to myself: It has been a long time since I have had my heart broken. I wouldn’t mind, actually.


  1. Fauzi says:

    Sure miss the evening summer breeze in NYC :) and you haven’t had your heart broken for awhile maybe because you have been breaking hearts …