One of the things you have to love about the age of Facebook is how many people know it is your birthday and so send you birthday wishes. Some people might find it superficial, but I will take any and all wishes as lovely signs of kindness and affection. Being that this is gay pride weekend, there are all manner of events going on, but last night Olaf and I eschewed the ridiculously expensive (like 100 dollars) parties in favor of a more low key beer or two at the local leather bar, The Eagle. Except that it wasn’t low key at all, it was jammed packed and people were really friendly and birthday drinks and shots were nicely offered from all corners. Some other friends of mine showed up as well, and I ended up meeting and chatting up a really sexy guy from Queens. And just before getting to the bar, at exactly midnight, I got a call from friends in LA and San Francisco wanting to be the first with birthday greetings. All in all, it was a nice beginning to my 44th year of life.  Thanks everyone!


  1. JIm says:

    Happy Birthday!