Along the water


Yesterday was an on again, off again rain day, but we made the best of it. Shaan, Barry and I had a lazy lunch at a not very good Mexican place with a very cute waiter, while we waited out the rain a bit. After it cleared Shaan and I took a long bike ride along the waterfront in Toronto, stopping at various points for a drink or chat. The sun was mostly shining, except when it wasn’t, and it felt really good to have the breeze as we were biking along. When we got back in the evening, Barry had prepared an amazing dinner of blueberry soup and poached trout and¬†asparagus, and I contributed a modest salad to the affair. A couple of others joined us for dinner, Andrew (another one, a good friend of Shaan’s) and Nick, one of my friend Andrew’s oldest and closest friends. We talked politics and silly conspiracy theories, shared a couple stories about Andrew, recounted various India tales and generally got to know each other better. By the end of the evening, everyone was fairly pickled but in good humor. Today Shaan and I will again bike down to the water and then cross over to the island, which is supposedly quite beautiful.

From Toronto