Director’s cut.


Last night there was a screening at a small local theater of some of Andrew’s films (you can see a few here). The films were presented in chronological order from a student film he made as an architect in 1989 up to some more recent work. It was a great way to view the work, as it showed a definite progression in style and craft. It was also helpful to put the themes of Andrew’s life into perspective via his work. So many of the elements were so familiar to me from what I knew about Andrew. It was especially interesting to see Andrew’s alter egos and avatars on film, recreating and reinterpreting the events of his life and the environments that shaped him.

After the screening, a group of us gathered at the bar next door and proceeded to drink and talk about Andrew. I met so many of his friends here, and it was great to connect with their part in Andrew’s life and hear their stories. It was notable how so many of them were from different eras: growing up, architecture school, toronto film life, etc. I was the sole representative from the early European years it appeared, and I dutifully recounted stories of our time together. I have to admit to falling a little into sadness again after the screening, as it was made evident again that he really was gone and I wouldn’t ever see him again.