Don’t serve the corn chips


I arrived at some ashram in the German countryside with some tall blond curly haired guy that was with me at the previous place we were escaping from. We were in an area where there were these strange shaped cars, rusted out in places but very futuristic at the same time. I looked up and noticed there was a really beautiful light filtering through the trees. Some woman took us on a tour around the somewhat suburban neighborhood, and then we were asked to stay at the ashram for awhile, or forced to stay, it wasn’t clear. We went to our room to rest before dinner, and suddenly the tall guy was gone and my cousin Josh was there, and there were a bunch of people in this series of rooms and we knew that they were all staying at this place to fix something about themselves. They weren’t prisoners exactly but still were there to work through some kind of order or punishment. I was explaining to Josh the rules in a place like this, and we picked up this weird new age book about quantum physics and spirituality written by Dolly Parton that we had to read as part of the program here. People kept saying this was good because it showed that this place was based in science and reason, not kooky new age pablum. We were then all forced to take a nap although no one was tired, and we had to sleep on the floor with just a blanket and it wasn’t very comfortable. We then noticed a woman get up (in contravention of the rules) and walk past us to open a secret door that led to a long path through the woods around the grounds of the ashram. I explained to Josh that with so little to do here, we take walks a lot and they were really nice and lasted a couple of hours and helped the time go by. When we came back from the walk we were asked to help out in the kitchen making part of the meal for everyone. Josh wanted to be helpful but served up corn chips which he wasn’t supposed to, because┬áthe┬áleader of the place was allergic to them. Everyone at the table was very polite about it though.


  1. Mom says:

    Have you considered consulting an expert about these dreams??