The benefits of low expectations


In an effort to get a little distance from my funk over my friend’s passing, I met my friend Jonathan last night for a late night drink and movie. We went to go see “Sex and the City 2”. I was prepared to really detest it. I absolutely hated the first one (even though I loved the series) and after all the scathing reviews (some of them hysterically funny), I was sure that this one would be an even bigger disaster than the first one. Yet I loved the series (I am a gay man after all), so I held my nose and went anyway. And while all of the critiques having to do with cultural insensitivity, conspicuous consumption, and entitlement were in evidence and somewhat repulsive, the humor was much better than I expected at many points. I think my expectations were so low that it turned into an enjoyable escape for me. In any event it was far more like the series than the first movie, and left me smiling and laughing much more than I expected. And somewhere I needed to laugh, so that obviously helped things.