Feast or famine


The thing about the life of a freelancer is that one is always chasing new work. And if one if unlucky, also chasing payment for that work. The thing I love about freelancing is I really can set my own schedule, take a walk or watch a movie when I feel like it, visit museums outside of crowded times, etc. Some people are really stressed out by not knowing exactly how much they will make every month. And for them, a salaried position makes a lot of sense. I am not overly worried, most of the time, about the ebbs and flows. I know that I may have nothing today, a lot tomorrow, and nothing again the day after that. Overall though, I find that I am much less stressed than when I was in a big office with lots of staff, pay and projects. And when I look back at the pattern this year, it is pretty uneven. I was pretty dead in Jan and early Feb, swamped through end of March, very light through April and early May, and now swamped again with more work than I can handle. Fortunately for me, I am learning a lot all the time, and really enjoy the work. When I get “stuck” on some project, whether for lack of inspiration or waiting on materials, I move on to another and often find the problems are easier to fix when returning to the first one. And often the techniques I am learning on one project fit nicely with the needs of another. And now that my little head-clearing break is over, back to work.