iPad, shmypad


I got a chance to play with an iPad at the Apple Store the other day. Here are my impressions.

– Very nice looking
– Very fast and responsive
– Nice use of extra screen real estate for calendar, mail, contacts and other apps

– It gets very heavy very quickly. No one will use this like a paperback.
– No camera. this is really a deal breaker for me
– Much more of a consumption device than a creation device.
– As much as I hate Flash (as a developer), it is a glaring omission in a device made for browsing the internet.

Ultimately, I can’t really see why (outside of object lust) anyone would want one unless they have no other computer. But then, without a computer, they would have no way to sync this thing, so there goes that theory. In any event, I am surely not representative of the market for this thing. If it could have been a full fledged communication device (talk, video conferencing, photo sharing, as well as multitasking IM) I could see a much better use case.