At home in Hudson Yards


I took a quick walking tour of my building and neighborhood over the past couple of days. The building is really fantastic with all its amenities and public spaces. And the neighborhood is not bad, but clearly still in need of a lot of development. This neighborhood is referred to as Hudson Yards, and it is really one of the last areas in Manhattan to be developed for residential. Previously it was fairly industrial, and you can easily see in the neighborhood the mix of uses. In terms of restaurants, shops, grocery, etc (the things really necessary to support a vibrant residential community) the neighborhood is already way better than it was a few years ago, and it should improve dramatically in the next few years with so many residential units coming online. That said, it currently pales in comparison to many other city neighborhoods. One is also hopeful for closer subway links, but the planned 7 line extension is having all kinds of money problems, and so the planned station at 41st and 10th looks like it may not happen. Other things I notice about the neighborhood is that there seems to be a lot in the way of convention space (Javits Center, etc) as well as a lot of gallery/art space. And if you were ever wondering where all the taxis went to fill their tanks with gas, wonder no more. 10th ave is the place. I also notice how much blessedly quieter things are at night compared to my old hood. This is due to a combination of far better isolating windows, distance from the street, and that 10th ave is not the fire engine/ambulance corridor that 8th ave clearly is. Below is a slideshow of the goods.