Goodbye Chelsea


Oh, me and my moving about. I have been living in this apartment in Chelsea for only 8 months (still more than double the last place I lived), but I have come to like the neighborhood and its conveniences quite a bit. That said, I am very excited to be moving into my new place in Hudson Yards (or Clinton, or Hell’s Kitchen, or Hellsea), a new one bedroom all to myself. This will be the first time I have lived alone in something like 15 years. I have always had roommates (and almost always liked having roommates), so it will be interesting to set the rules of a place by myself. The movers come in just 10 hours or so, and this time tomorrow night I will be all settled (more or less) in the new high rise, 14 floors above ground. And although one can never predict the future, I have a feeling I won’t be moving again for a good long while.