The Royal We


I had a strange dream last night with a lot of moving parts to it. It really ranged across a ton of subjects, but I can only remember a few details. I was in some sort of hunting lodge type place with a bunch of people, cozy around a fireplace having drinks. To my right  was the Queen of England, and she was saying something about her father the King who had died in the year 499. I somehow knew she meant to say 1499, but still I called her out on it.

“You are telling me that you have been Queen since 1499? That is over 500 years. No way.” I said, with a fair amount of nonchalance.

“Of course not,” she said, “I became Queen much later, but my father did die at that time.”

Incredulous, I consulted with a couple of friends near me over a hot toddy. “She is either lying or crazy,” I said.

I don’t remember much else in the dream except some long house with a bunch of rooms where a group of us were staying. We were hanging out at one end and some middle aged, blond female¬†benefactor kept calling me on the intercom from the other to ask me for help with something.


  1. Amanda says:

    funny because you were in my dream last night! I started a new job and you were working there in some sort of sales type job. strange Dunder Mifflin kind of place.