A sleeping mystery


I woke up early this morning (around 6am) and decided to go to the grocery store to do my week’s shopping. On my way out of the building I noticed that in the vestibule was a person sleeping, with his head completely covered by his jacket and his shoes and keys neatly placed at his side. He didn’t look particularly homeless (neither from his attire nor lack of any other bags or storage nearby) and I stared at this sleeping figure for a brief moment before heading out to the 20 degree weather and the store. On my way back in some 40 minutes later, there he still was, sleeping. I tried not to make too much noise entering the building so as not to disturb his slumber. I wondered on the way up to my apartment how he came to be sleeping there. The keychain next to him made me assume that the keys were for opening doors, so I assumed he normally had a place to go. Perhaps he had been in a fight with his partner or roommate and was kicked out of the house with no other place to go? Perhaps he had arrived too early to start some work shift and decided to grab a little sleep? Perhaps he had come in very drunk from the previous night and simply passed out in the vestibule? I assumed (mostly from the presence of the keys) that he was not homeless, but perhaps I am mistaken and he was trying to find a place out of the punishing, sub freezing and windy streets, having locked up his belongings somewhere else.