Wrong Diagnosis


Brown may win in Massachusetts. Coakley is a shitty candidate. And this may be a bit of a referendum on health care, but not the way you think. I maintain AGAIN that if people are upset with the health care bill, it is not because it is some sort of socialist/communist takeover. They are upset, nay pissed off that it is such a win for the vested interests of insurance companies and drug makers at the expense of the people it is supposed to help. Lawmakers do deserve to be punished for this. I am sick to death of hearing that this “backlash” has anything to do with some leftward lurch of the country when it is so demonstrably false. The problem is that the people got shafted, again. The way large industries control the policy making in Washington, we might as well just pay our taxes directly to them. As it is there is only the thinnest veneer of paying them to the government, so quickly does it pass to those who need it the least. Unfortunately, electing Brown will just make a bad situation even worse.


  1. Lila Kate says:

    After just contacting you about your post re: Mexico City and metta. What a surprise that you’re in Boston. I feel exactly the same way you do about Coakley vs. Brown. Today I tried to persuade a gas station owner that privatizing health care is just handing money to a bunch of crooks in the industry. I’m rather depressed about political dialogue in our country right now. We sure do not need a neofascist representing us in MA though. Take Care, Lila