Notes on Puerto Rico


You’ve seen all the pics. Here are some random things I noted while in PR:

1. We were hard pressed to find a salad or vegetables. No one seems to eat them. Apparently all fiber comes from plantains.

2. A huge number of men sport rat tails

3. I have never seen more Burger King’s per capita anywhere in the world.

4. While traveling on the Ruta Panoramica, there seemed to be one radio station that was all Phil Collins, all the time.

5. As we are Jewish and it was Christmas, it seemed like fate that our rental apartment was in the same building as the best Chinese restaurant in town. We of course ate here on Christmas day.

6. There is a lot of rain in the rainforest. Shocking.

7. Since it was a holiday week, schedules at bars and clubs were a little off. One place we were told to go was closed, but a homeless man on the street seemed to know the holiday hours of at least two gay bars, and helpfully explained it to us.

8. Without saying a word, everyone assumed we were from New York. Is it just that the island sees the most tourists from NYC, or something else?

9. An absolutely crazy number of assholes with music blaring extremely loudly from their cars.

10. More fried food than any place I have ever been, much of it super delicious.

11. A refreshing honesty that results in the loss of a sale. At two separate food establishments, I order something behind the counter and the person comes back to tell me that it is not at its best, and suggests I order something else.

12. Overall, some of the warmest, most friendly people I have met anywhere. Everyone kept inviting us places, offered helpful advice, and took an interest in knowing us. Ricans are very (justifiably) proud of their island(s), and happy to share its best secrets with us. I was really blown away by how great the place was and will definitely be going back.

13.  Puerto Rico has this wonderful quality of being both home and foreign seeming at the same time.