After spending (yet another) morning on the beach (this time at La Concha in Condado, mysteriously surrounded by vacationing Jewish families), Josh and I decide to take a little trip to Arecibo. The place shuts its doors to new visitors at 4, so you have to be in before then and we barely made it, arriving at 3:50 after a series of winding and not well marked roads and some major help from the Google. Once inside, we passed quickly through the horribly boring exhibit to get out and take a peek at the telescope. It doesn’t disappoint. We marvel at the science fiction quality of it all, and I wax a little nostalgic about the movie “Contact”. We then decide to go in to the theater there to see a little film about the place. God was it awful. It purported to be a “re-enactment” of a typical day at Arecibo, with the admin people and scientists playing themselves. Avoid this at all costs if you go, it really makes you want to put your eyes out. We snuck out about 10 minutes into the 20 minute torture session. Our screening was made more special by the presence of a girl a few rows behind us with a terrible case of tourettes. She kept making barking and loud snorting sounds to accompany the video. Come to think of it, she was the only thing that made the whole thing interesting. It is really a shame that the museum and video presentations are so bad, because the science and the telescope are really cool and inspiring. Hopefully they will get money to redo it one day.