Panoramica to La Parguera


At the lunch counter of the most excellent “Sieglo XX” in old San Juan (where the flan is to die for, btw), we met a lovely young woman who suggested we visit a place called “La Parguera”. We hadn’t heard of it before but are nothing if not adventurous, so we decided to head out the next day, take in part of the famous “Ruta PanorĂ¡mica“, and head over the the other side of the island for a look see. The Ruta was mostly covered in fog and alas, not very panoramica at all. It was also very twisty and turny. This, combined with Josh’s amphetamine-around-every-corner style of driving made me almost hurl, many times over. I was fortunately mostly recovered by the time we descended into La Parguera. We hadn’t realized before getting there that this was no ordinary beach, but a series of lovely small islands off the coast. So we negotiated a boat ride and spent two hours on one of the loveliest tiny islands I have ever seen. And for most of the time there, we were completely alone. There was literally no one else on the island. It was beautiful and calm and I had a great mediation here. I highly recommend this place.