Back in NYC, just in time for NYE


We had a totally amazing time in Puerto Rico. It was a much more interesting place than I had been led to believe by the multiple questions along the lines of  “What are you going to do there with so many days?” and statements like “You will be bored.” It will take several days to organize all the pictures and info, so I will be blogging about it bit by bit over the coming days. Stay tuned.

And although Josh was bemoaning coming back to winter weather, there is a beautiful snow falling in the city right now, and I love it. What will the new year bring? I think that is up to each of us, but one subject that has been occupying my thoughts a lot recently is finances. I really need to get mine in better order in the coming year. I have been living beyond my means (an easy thing to do here in New York, especially when one’s means aren’t all that great to start with).  In the coming year I will try to get that house in better order, while staying with my overall low consumption aesthetic. It may mean having to find a full time job and give up the freelancing for a bit.